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We have exciting news concerning our growing on line american & international agency models division. we are now presenting an important addition to our agency web site called the "New Discoveries" section. This section features head photographs of up and coming new models,talent and real people who have recently applied. The inclusion in the "New Discoveries" section will not only provide the models, talent and real people with some significant public and client exposure to many industry professionals such as magazine editors, casting directors, commercial, film and music video producers but also a chance to appear on our on-line magazine cover and in some of our editorials. Now is your chance to be discovered! To apply simply call 201 820 2173 or e mail us at: phone # and best time to call for questions and information on how to get started.



Package Number 1: with use of your own pictures. This is one single head shot, preferably glossy, size 3"x 5", 4"x 6", or 8"x 10". If possible, please submit three photos from which we can choose the one best suited for your interests. 6 mo or 1 yr.

Package Number 2: with the use of your own pictures. This consists of one head shot, and one full length or 3 quarter length. Photos should be clear, high quality, preferably in color, and either 3"x 5" or 4"x 6" in size. 1 yr.

Package Number 3: using your pictures. This package includes one head shot, one full length, and one full body shot or 3 quarter. Once again, we encourage professional photos of high quality, in color, if possible, and size 3"x 5" or 4"x 6". 1yr.

American Models Profile Package: Your Portfolio and a 3 to 5 picture Composite webbie on our online agency file headsheet. Includes one color commercial head photo with your information ,one black and white theatrical head photo with your information and eight to twelve color and black & white portfolio photos.

Call:201 820 2173 for details about the very affordable fee for this service.

We also offer the service of retouching for a small fee. This process can erase unwanted pimples, freckles, or marks. We are able to enhance and correct photographs to help assure optimum quality of presentation.

In the event that you decide to have your pictures taken by one of our highly trained fashion and head shot photographers, Call 201 820 2173 for details about the very affordable fee for this service also . This process will include 2 to 3 rolls of film, which equals a portfolio, from which we will select pictures for the New Discoveries page. Our photographs will be formulated for the specific purpose of representing you to the industry in the most appropriate and professional manner. All pictures and negatives will become your property for your personal us.